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How to Plan a First Trip to China

China is a huge country with long history and splendid culture. It is so huge that you can’t see all the aspects of this nation on your first trip. So “How to Plan a First Trip to China” is the very question keep haunting you. Here, we GreatWallDiscovery will be glad to be the China tour guide for first-timers. We promise you may experience the essence of China in just a few days of traveling. Please follow me to have a look!

Must-knows for How to Plan a First Trip to China

Autumn Scenery of Jiuzhaigou,  Sunny Yalong Bay and Snowy Yabuli. Choose one of them to plan your first trip to China.

Autumn Scenery of Jiuzhaigou,  Sunny Yalong Bay and Snowy Yabuli

Best Places to Visit China

China is a vast country with diverse options for travel. But There are certain tourist destinations you can’t miss in China, such as Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Guilin, Hong Kong, Chengdu, Sanya, Jiuzhaigou, Lijiang, Lhasa, etc. Some destinations are renowned for its history; some boast picturesque landscapes; some are endowed with very colorful ethnic features; and some are economically prosperous.

Best Time to Visit China

Generally speaking, the best time to visit China is spring and autumn, especially April, May, September and October. The climate in those periods are very suitable for traveling China. But there are exceptions. The best time to visit Tibet is from July to August, while the best time to visit Hainan is from November to March.

China Tour Planning for First-time Visitors

Where to Go in China

Three Must-sees in China: the Great Wall in Beijing, the Bund in Shanghai, and Giant Pandas in Chengdu, which you should cover in your first trip to China.

Three Must-sees in China: the Great Wall in Beijing, the Bund in Shanghai, and Giant Pandas in Chengdu

If you only want to visit one city, Beijing, the capital of China, should be the first and best choice. Beijing has a lot to offer to you: history, culture, prestige and even natural beauty.

If you only want to spend one day, you should not miss the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, and even Beijing Roast Duck.

If you have enough time and want to see various aspects of China, an itinerary covering Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Guilin and Hong Kong is highly recommended, because these five cities are the most popular tourist destination in China.

If you want to get the mundane bits out of the way, try some mountain climbing, river cruises or hiking routes. It is adventurous and challengeable.

When to Go to China

A decision about when to go to China should be based on the regions you plan to visit and the kind of weather you enjoy. Autumn is the most comfortable season. But each season has its unique charm: Spring blossoms, summer sunshine, autumn hues and winter snowscape. The choice is yours.

It is worth noting that you’d better avoid China’s major holidays (unless you want to feel the atmosphere of the Chinese festival), because of inconvenient traffic conditions and crowded tourists in scenic spots. These tourist peak are Spring Festival holiday, Labor Day week (May 1–7), and National Day week (October 1–7).

How Long to Visit China

A decision about how long to visit China depends on your interests and wallet. If you are on a budget and only want a brief trip in China, spending 3 to 5 days is OK. If you are wealthy and want an extensive tour around China, you’d better spend at least 8 days.

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