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Yangtze River Cruise Tours

Yangtze River cruise tours are very popular ones among China cruises, including downstream Yangtze River cruise and upstream Yangtze River cruise. These China Yangtze River tours and Yangtze River Three Gorges tours will let you sail from Chongqing/Yichang to Yichang/Chongqing, plus visiting Beijing, Xian, Shanghai,Guilin and other more hot tourist cities in China. During the journey, you will not only view the stunning gorges along the Yangtze River with countless mysterious legends, but also explore its time-honored history and great ancient relics by visiting to lots of sightseeing along the Yangtze River, or just simply relax on deck, breathe some fresh air, view the stunning passing scenery and take photos. If you have other request, please contact us to design your own private China tours plus Yangtze River Cruise.

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