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Chinese Craft

Chinese Craft is famous and popular in the world. The crafts in China pay attention to the sophistic handmade skill, the beauty of the works and the aesthetics. Due to the high quality standard need of the Chinese crafts, a skillful craftsman is often trained for more than 10 years and he/she must master the sophistic handmade skill and know how to use different materials to create an art work.

The most famous Chinese crafts in China include bronze ware, embroidery, ceramics, scissor-cut the silk parasol. The craft in China is the accumulation of years of Chinese history and Chinese culture. All the Chinese crafts endeavor to add the beauty to people’s daily life and to add the delight people. If you are a fan of craft, you should not miss the Chinese craft which will surprise you unexpectedly. Delicate skill, special design, great material and high aesthetics value are the features of craft in China and all the inspiration of Chinese crafts are originated from people’s daily life or Chinese traditional culture.

Chinese Craft –Bronze Ware

The Chime of Zenghouyi, one of the renowned Chinese bronze ware in the world and a sophisticated Chinese craft.

The Chime of Zenghouyi in Hubei

Talking about the bronze ware in China, it will be back to the Neolithic Period when the bronze ware was popular in China. At the beginning, the bronze ware was used as a tool to serve people without any aesthetic value. But in the period of Shang and Zhou Dynasties, people pay attention to the aesthetic value of the bronze ware. From then, the bronze ware became craft with time went by. The most sophistic bronze wares were made in Shang and Zhou Dynasties. At that time, the craftsmen used complex skill to add different decorations to the raw bronze wares. Besides, the bronze wares were shaped as animals to be put in different places as a decoration. It was said that people in China at that time were obsessed by bronze wares.

At present, the bronze wares are still popular in China. The sophistic skill and the wonderful design make it a craft which people should take. Maybe you obsess  with the bronze wares made in ancient China but do not know whether you can have it as they are the culture relics. Please do not worry about it, most ancient bronze wares are copied through the modern technology and you can buy them in the shops selling  replicas of the ancient bronze ware.

The most famous bronze wares in China

  1. The Simuwu Great Tripod: China's biggest pod of bronze ware
  2. Chime of Zenghouyi: China's biggest chime of bronze ware
  3. A pot made of metal (highly likely copper) with 4 sheep heads (Si Yang Fang Zun): China's biggest pot of bronze ware
  4. Bronze chariots and horses of Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor: China's biggest piece of bronze ware

Chinese Craft – Embroidery

The Suzhou embroidery art wrok--Peony showing the magic of Chinese embroidery

Rich and Honoerd, An Art Work of Suzhou Embroidery

It is one of the oldest extant needlework. Chinese embroidery has a long history since Neolithic age. This Chinese craft needs the craftsmen’s patience and proficient skill. Sometimes, creating a small piece of embroidery needs a long time and complex skill. The main content of Chinese embroideries contains animals, calligraphy, landscape and people and all the contents are originated from people’s daily life.

There are four famous embroideries in China and all these embroideries have own features and positions in Chinese culture. They are the treasures of Chinese culture and the representatives of Chinese crafts.


1. Suzhou embroidery (Su Xiu)

This Chinese embroidery is crafted in areas around Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, having a history dating back 2,000 years. Suzhou embroidery is famous for its beautiful patterns, elegant colors, variety of stitches, and consummate craftsmanship. Its stitching is meticulously skillful, coloration subtle and refined. The craftsmen of Suzhou embroidery are able to use more than 40 needlework and a 1,000 different types of threads to make embroidery, typically with nature and environment themes such as flowers, birds, animals and even gardens on a piece of cloth.

A rare subset is Su double-sided embroidery which requires ultimate skill and artistry. The front and back of the piece may have different designs, but the ends are not knotted but woven in so the back can't be distinguished.


2. Hunan embroidery (Xiang Xiu)

This Chinese embroidery comes from areas around Changsha, Hunan Province. It is distinct for its starkly elegant black, white and gray coloration. Hunan embroidery emphasis is on contrasts of light and shade that highlight the pattern texture to give a three-dimensional effect. This embroidery composition combines void and solid imagery, utilizing empty space in the same way as Chinese ink and wash paintings.

The Guangzhou embroidery -- The Peacock, which is one of the famous Chinese embroideries.

The Peacock, An Art Work of Guangzhou Embroidery


3. Guangdong embroidery (Yue Xiu)

This embroidery is crafted in Chaozhou, Guangdong Province. It is composed of intricate but symmetrical patterns, vibrant colors, varied stitches and a defined weave. Guangdong embroidery use of primary colors, light and shade are reminiscent of western paintings.


4.Sichuan embroidery (Su Xiu)

Coming from areas around Chengdu, Sichuan Province, Sichuan embroidery is oldest known embroidery style in Chinese embroidery history. Its raw materials are satin and colored silk, its craftsmanship painstaking and refined. The emphasis of this Chinese embroidery is on even stitching, delicate coloration, and local flavor. Sichuan embroidery is used to decorate quilt covers, pillowcases, garments, shoes and painted screens.


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