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About us

GreatWallDiscovery is a top China tour operator for worry-free private China tours, operated by WANWIN Science Technology Co., Ltd. As the slogan says, “ We walk you throughout China!”, our aims is to offer private & tailor-made China tours with high-quality service and reasonable price and useful and up-to-date travel information to the family, couple, woman, senior, student, disabled and adventured travelers. See the details about GreatWallDiscovery and information on private China tours. 

About GreatWallDiscovery

Greatwalldiscovery.com, hereinafter referred to as GWD, was founded in 2009. It is a WANWIN affiliated website that aims at inbound tourist market. It is a platform for travel agents to provide tour information and opportunity to directly communicate with each other. In this website, you have easy access to various tour routes of China, travel types and tour FAQ services, and other information about tour services and hotels. Overseas tourists can learn more about China via this web.

  • Why Choose us
    Reasons for why choose GWD. You will find why we are top one in China and GWD's advantages in this field.
  • Values for Customers
    We are here to promise 10 Golden Added Feature & Value of GWD travel service, which will value your China tour.
  • Our Team
    Composed by professional travel advisors, tour guides and brilliant leaders, team of GWD is on top in this filed.
  • Welcome Letter from GM
    A welcome letter from General Manager of GreatWallDiscovery to tell you how GWD is
  • Milestones
    Years' development makes GWD a top one in China inbound tour field. Each year is a new beginning.
  • Contact us
    Detailed information about how to contact GWD. Various channels for your to find us without any troubles.

About Our Tours

  • What is Private Tour
    As a leading China tour operator, here you will know what private tour is and how a private tour will be.
  • How to Book
    Here we will tell you how to book GWD's tour step by step. We hope booking is easy for all our customers.
  • Payment Guide
    Don't know the way to pay for your China tour? Read this payment guide to know how to do the payment.

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